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Free Range Orchestra

The Free-Range Orchestra is a collective of musicians, dancers, and poets with a shared love of improvisation and experimentation that evolved from Canterbury’s award-winning Free-Range series of adventurous music and combined arts events.
FRO performances combine the uncompromisingly anarchic with a celebration of creativity and community. The orchestra meets regularly and have performed at festivals and venues across Kent, including Turner Contemporary, WinterSound (CCCU), Profound Sound and Folkestone Triennial.
Connections was recorded in two sessions at the Colyer-Fergusson Hall at the University of Kent. The first was in May 2021 with pieces directed by David Leahy, Anna Braithwaite. The second, in July 2021 to a full house public performance with special guest Evan Parker(saxes). These events were made possible by grant funding from the Arts Council England.

Anna Braithwaite: voice
Dan Herbert: laptop
Daniel Cano: trumpet
David Leahy: double bass
Jack Hues: electric guitar
Johanne-Bryce Hodgson: electronics/saw/voice
Kat Peddie: voice/poetry
Kit Slawson: percussion
Lawrence Fletcher: bass clarinet
Maureen Wolloshin: oboe/cor anglais
Murray Smith: bass guitar
Nadia Bailey: violin
Neil Sloman: tenor sax
Panos Ghikas: viola/electronics
Paul Cheneour: flutes
Peter Cook: alto sax
Richard Armstrong-Sealand: theremin
Sean Williams: modular synth
Sam Bailey: keyboard
Tim Long: objects/voice
Tim Slawson: tenor sax
William Burrows: voice/electronics
Will Glanfield: alto clarinet
Special Guest: Evan Parker Saxophones
Recorded live at: Colyer-Fergusson Hall
Recordists: Sean Williams & Dan Herbert
Production: Sean Williams & Paul Cheneour
Editing, mixing, mastering: Sean Williams Studios

Artwork & Design: Russell Burden


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