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Water Dragon Temple

A group of intrepid pilgrims, purging their impurities, are setting out on a quest to discover the Water Dragon Temple deep in the hinterland of an ancient region of old China. They believe the forest path near the tea house is the start point for this illustrious calling. Armed with essential materials, blue butterflies, and spring lanterns they pass waterfalls, stepping lightly through the dawn mist near the rainbow windmill. Watched only by the unseen owls they follow the meandering silver river. Suddenly they hear the call and now seeing with clear eyes they finally arrive at a willing surrender. They celebrate this by flying carp kites towards the paper moon.

Paul Cheneour and Zhuyang Liu agreed to this great musical collaboration request at the Quantum Leap Studios having only recently been introduced. They began playing with a symbiosis and an empathy that is rarely encountered today. Together they have created an album full of colour, dynamism, and expression with a rich tapestry of sounds that illuminates both outer and inner magical landscapes.

Zhuyang Liu (London based, born in Beijing) is a trans-media artist, Guzheng player, composer. Mentored by Zhou Xin virtuoso Guzheng player from the National Orchestra of China Broadcasting Art Troupe. Zhuyang plays both 21 nylon and 16 steel strung Guzhengs. As well as other plucked string instruments, Guqin & Koto. She was the prize winner for both solo and ensemble performances at the China-Japan-Korea International Guzheng Conference 2013. 

Zhuyang’s cultural background in multidisciplinary fields has enabled her to explore and fuse both ethnic and contemporary sound works. She uses found material creating unusual instruments and electronics for a wider musical soundscape. Films: ‘NOW, THEN’, “Run! Dorothy Run!”  plus, multiple projects for fashion collections. Other projects include: ‘Lao San Yang’ , ‘Epic life doggerel verse’, ‘Zhuyanger’. Research writing includes: ‘The Sonic Arsenal of alternative instruments: An ‘Unconventional Warfare “in Sound, Noise, and Conflict’. Performances include: Hundred years Gallery, Frappant e.V. gallery Hamburg. Staffordshire St gallery London. San Mei Gallery London. SYSTEM Shanghai China. Matchstick Piehouse London.

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Paul Cheneour: Flutes: trained at the Guildhall School of Music London under the late Professor Rainer Schuelein. He has 65 CDs published by Northstar music UK, 5 major films: including EMMA award winning ‘6th Happiness’ and ‘Hideous Kinky’. Best Foreign film winner in 2007 for ‘In The Place of the Dead’. DVDs & documentaries include BBC 2's Egyptian Journeys, ‘The Painter and the Musician’ and Out-OF-Tune. Paul was voted No: 72 in "The world’s best 100 jazz flautists of all time” by readers in 2005. He was also a ‘Sound artist for Transmettre/Transmit 2007. Founder member of: Zen Bicycle Band, Breath of Poets, Sufi-Baul-Fusion, ‘whereness’ Free-Range Orchestra, CWZ Trio, Black Salt, Dragonfly, Night Mist, A Moment in Time & A Priori -Drink Only, from the Fountain of Light Lossenham visiting artist ’21-’22.

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Recorded at Quantum Leap Studios May '23
Engineered by Marcus Bishop & Marcus Kazuo Bishop
Edited, mixed & mastered at QLS by Marcus Bishop
Artwork/image/Design Russell Burden
Produced Cheneour/Liu/Bishop
Cat Nos © RGM123 (P) NSM1314

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