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Paul Cheneour


Paul Cheneour - Listed in the top 100 greatest jazz flautists of all time


Listen, observe feel and do, are the four key elements as a player/composer.

With those fundamental elements in mind, I find the technical means to express myself.

Each of us are continuously unfolding both on the inside and outside. Often, we feel in turmoil,

pulled in all directions at the same time. Standing apart from the whirlpool of influences and just observe what we are doing, with awareness, seems difficult, however, remember each one of us creates our own storms by the choices we make.

I suggest sitting still in the middle of the storms, reflect, and observe, and be aware how everything feels. Early in my life, every three months or so, I would stop and stand completely still saying to myself “remember how this precise moment feels” - In essence you are making an emotional marker that can be tapped into later in life, which may be helpful or useful.

Paying close attention and walking this more unusual musical career path of listening and exploring, I’ve been very fortunate to create and record a good deal of solo flute music. I have also enjoyed sharing observations and collaborating with many other musicians, which are so intensely personal that they become universal.

For me collaboration means a willingness to adapt to and be sympathetic to other people’s ideas; delighting in another visions, one that I could never have dreamed of and embracing it. This allows the creation of something greater than the sum-total of the parts to emerge.


I have written, played, and produced new flute music expressing many different moods from, joyful, danceable, up-lifting, passionate, celebratory, liberating, exhilarating, to, calming, relaxing, contemplative, and meditative.


"I believe ‘The Time Has Come’ album to be the finest quality of music for the Flute that I have ever experienced!" 

Dr Randall McClellan (Sonic Arts music Foundation)

“I rate you as the best I’ve heard especially in the way that you achieve such a variety of exotic sounds. You have an unusual dexterity whatever flute you’re playing and infinitely creative in so many genres – your work is powerful, magical, and sensitive!”

Tim Fletcher (First offence publication)

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