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a priori

a priori - drink only, from the fountain of light

The Lossenham landscape rarely appears still. Movements of air swaying trees and reeds,
flushes of insects, birds darting and diving, the watercourses and pools bare the swirls of
rarely seen fish and there are fields filled with emerging archaeologies. Nature here can be
light and beautiful or, on those long ominous days of grey rain, a weight on ones senses and, most unexpectedly, felt or imagined, the land’s lost histories somehow seep through. 

As visiting artist for The Lossenham Project Paul Cheneour has embarked on a quest of discovery, both physical and metaphysical, with no expectations other than to listen, observe, reflect, and respond. Lossenham's quiet resonances, rhythms and impressions are translated here into his cyclic scores and the collaborative spontaneities with his chosen fellow musicians, creating soundscapes that obliquely reference earlier forms - plainchant, twelfth-thirteenth century polyphony, classic chamber music fused with flavours of
contemporary modal jazz.

Within the turbulence of our unpredictable world, Paul's choice of album title seems to counsel us to seek goodness and light, to observe the flow of things and accept changes as they arrive, to hold fast no matter how unnerving life may become. This music is such a journey

Benedict Taylor: viola
David Leahy: double bass
Izolda Reeder: violin
Maureen Wolloshin: oboe/cor anglais/gliss anglais
Paul Cheneour: flutes

(Margaret Taylor vocals)

Recorded: Lossenham Farm Studio
Recordist: Nick Taylor
Produced: Paul Cheneour & Nick Taylor
Edited, mixed & mastered: Porcupine Studios
Artwork, Design & forward: Russell Burden  

(Gliss Anglais created by Henry Dagg track 5)


a priori

Drink only, from the fountain of light


part 1 - fragility
part 2 - upwelling
part 3 - inhaling
part 4 - cirrus


part 1 - watchfulness
part 2 - pathways
part 3 - meetings
part 4 - branches

part 5 - histories
part 6 - presence

part 1 - impermanence
part 2 - iterations
part 3 - migrations
part 4 - convolutions
part 5 - axis

All rights reserved © RGM322 (P) NSM1304       Pressed: the Disc Factory

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