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Sufi - Baul - Fusion


Paul Cheneour Flutes and Dilly Meah Tabla play music that is completely in the moment. To let the music through they create a stillness within themselves, so what is heard IS revealed to all. The audience is co creating the musical experience from a place deep within.


Everything in the Universe is in motion. The fundamental vibration at the root of all life is music. Sound and music can lead us to resonate directly in tune with our environment, mind, body and spirit, unifying us once more! Listen for the sound within the silence and the silence within the sound, try to be still enough and hear so intently that you enter the longed for other world. When you fall into the place where there is only music then you are truly DANCING IN THE FIRE.


Two very experienced professional musicians, who have individually spent many years exploring diverse areas and styles of music both Eastern and Western, Paul and Dilly were introduced to each other by Ename Haque a film maker. Almost no words were spoken, they just played and played and played, stunning all those that were present!











These are just some of the comments that they have attracted from various performances:


"Everyone should hear this music!"


"The room could not contain the sounds, the whole place was vibrating!!"


"I have never been so transported, just amazingly fantastic!"


"You cannot teach people to play like that. Their music is beyond anything I have ever experienced, I am so grateful to have heard it!"


"Just awe-inspiring!"


"East has now truly met West!"


PAUL CHENEOUR - Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Arab Neys, Indian, and Chinese Flutes.



Paul and Dilly have performed for alternative arts, the Brahma Kumaris centre, international music festival East Sussex, Guildford spiritualist church, the Guilcrest foundation at St. James' Piccadilly, Philpotts Manor school and the Space club at Docklands.


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