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Paul Cheneour




Listen, observe feel and do, are the four key elements necessary to understand to be a composer. With those elements firmly in mind then express yourself in your given medium, be it, music, painting, sculpture, graphic art, architecture, costume or web design, filming, photography, garden design, ship building, bricklaying etc, etc…


Each person’s life journey happens simultaneously both on the inside and outside, but so often, we feel our lives to be in total turmoil. We feel as though we‘re being pulled in so many different directions by so many different circumstances at the same time and sometimes it’s difficult to stand outside the whirlpool of influences and experiences to see what we are doing with awareness. However, it must be remembered that we, each one of us, creates our own personal storms by the choices we make in this life. We are responsible for ourselves.


I’ve always tried to sit still in the middle of my own storms to see, and observe, both it and myself, and have tried to remember how it feels. Every 3 or so months as a boy I would stand still and say to myself “remember in this moment how all this around me feels”; it’s a bit like an emotional marker that can be tapped into later in life.


From the beginning, I’ve always listened to, improvised, experimented, explored and paid close attention to how everything feels along this path, and have been very fortunate to also compose in collaboration with many others along the way, sharing life experiences and observations, which are so intensely personal that they become universal.


Collaboration means a willingness to adapt to and be sympathetic to other people’s styles. To delight in another’s person’s ideas, ones you’ve never even dreamed of yourself and embrace them positively, doing so, allows the creation of something greater than the sum total of the parts, as has been demonstrated in the albums with Melissa Holding, Dilly Meah & Dominik Sherrer, Dominic Glynn, Oscar Gonzalez, Kevin Sterchi, Olley Gillespie, Achim Fischer, Olly Blanchflower and George Hadjineophytou the Zen Bicycle Band, Davy Robinson and Maquenzie.



Available to buy in CD & Digital Download format:


Way Of Waiting (coming soon!)

In The Slipstream

Sound Sketches

Reiki - Healing Symbols in Sound

Healing Flutes by the Ocean

The Time Has Come

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