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Beginnning with Listening and Hearing Paul moves through many aspects of playing: Just Making a Sound, Trust, Direct Deed, Skills for Flute Playing, Flute Breathing, Embouchure, Sound Production-Sonority, Vibrato, Sound Projection, Articulation, Dexterity and Playing Fast, The Scales an Outline, Time and Time Signatures, Rhythm. Dynamics, Phrasing, Posture, Stamina, Sight Reading, Aural Training, Memory, Meditation, Styles, Repertoire, General Behaviour (Do's and Don'ts), Finding a Flute, The Ney Flute, Finding A Teacher, Teaching. Intent, Composing and Improvising, Composing and Interpreting, Circular Breathing, Why Do You Play? Fear Of Failure- Fear Of Success? Performing In Public, Recording Live and In Studios, Getting Started. Finding an Agent or Management, The Word "Musica", The Sama Veda, Recording The Time Has Come CD, Meditations for Solo Flute, Nick Nye's Word Pictures, Paul's Formative Years and his life changing car accident, Background, Biography, Discography, Films, TV Documentaries and Videos, Observations, Recommended further listening and reading.


"Listen for the sound within the silence and the silence within the sound"


"Everything in the universe is in motion. The fundamental vibration at the root of all life is music. Sound and music can lead us to resonate directly in tune with our environment, mind, body and spirit, unifying us once more. Listen! still enough so you can enter the longed for other world and fall into the place where there is only music".



"Tapping into the source of creativity takes great courage and even greater competence in acquired skills. Paul Cheneour, a leading UK jazz, classical and ethnic flautist/composer suffered a near fatal car crash in '91. He recovered with the conviction that he needed to use his talent, life and near death experience to explore a new form of creative expression. This amounts to an opening out to the influences available in the moment. All the world's great musical and artistic traditions remain as resources, and are no longer seen as restrictive boundaries" - Interview extract by Michael Greevis for Colour Therapy Magazine UK. 1995

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Paul has walked a different and broader musical path throughout his 43-year performing, recording, composing and teaching career.


Encompassing European Classical, Jazz, Arab, and Indian, Celtic and other music, culminating in his own 'World Fusion' style.


The Learning Workshops are designed for flautists and others to explore the creative music making process in much greater depth so they can also become masters. Paul always ensures the space is safe, secure and relaxed. Everyone is encouraged to express him or herself freely.


Music From Within: A Masterclass for Flute Click here to purchase